I Paint My Own Reality


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The canvas of our life is painted with the hues of our experiences. Our sadness, anger, and joy are constantly being added to our life’s work, but many people believe, no matter what we do, our families and our environments are the only determinants of how our life’s work will turn out. This isn’t true.  Within each of us is the power to change the perceptions of limitations we have for ourselves and those around us. No matter how our life begins, we can still paint the picture of hope. In the autobiography, I Paint My Own Reality, Korianne Juluke sets out to do just that.
I Paint My Own Reality will grab ahold of you and force you to reevaluate your world. How do you see your life’s work, how do others see it? Have you let outside factors determine your world, or like Juluke, do you have the ability to paint your own reality?


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